Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bluebonnet Trails: Ennis

I went to photograph the blue bonnet trails near Ennis and Palmer today.  It was a perfect spring day with a gentle breeze and a deep blue sky.

I think I was probably a week early as the fields are not filled yet but there are some amazing patches of them.

My first stop was the  Event center in downtown Ennis. The people are all happy to help, giving maps and bragging about the treasure they have to share with everyone. It was exciting to hear about the places to go and see and I was on my way.

I followed the map down to the veterans memorial park. I enjoyed watching families and couples taking pictures of each other in the vast fields of blues and reds.

I got to walk on a trail of bluebonnets and watch as all sorts of people took selfies, full blown professional photography and multiple cell phone pictures. The atmosphere was cheerful as the blooms surrounding us.

I drove along long roads where there were few people. Open fields of flowers and beautiful estates surrounded by great fields of pristine green.

I got lost, found my way and lost again winding up at Bardwell Lake, a lake where I was almost run over by a speed boat my first time water skiing.

I went back up to Ennis and up 45 to 313 and continued following the blue bonnet trails. The first thing that caught my eye was a field of long horns, several other people were also snapping photographs as well.

I followed the road, passing several horse farms and one giant horse begged to be photographed.  It was a Belgian horse and its foul and they were close to the fence. The mom was quite friendly and approached me close enough to be able to pet her giant head.

Next stop was the Sugar Ridge Winery. The road leading to it was beautiful, huge fields of blue bonnets, a small pond that was lit up by the high sun. There were people picnicking with wine and families running down from the fields of flowers.

Every turn and hill on this long winding road was just filled with stunning views. It reminded me a bit of the wine country in Sonoma-although the hills were a bit more modest. It was just an amazing green that you don’t see around Dallas much.

I arrived at the winery to the distinct smell of boiling crawfish and to  a group of happy patrons sitting out on chairs on the lawn. I was tempted to order a sampler flight but decided to take some home instead.

The owner was quite proud of his wines and shared with me his two favorites-a white and a red and I was set. Also got a magnet too.

The drive back was a lot quicker and easier than the ride down-got stuck in traffic and detoured down Buckner boulevard-live and learn.

The ride home I realized how close this uniquely beautiful area was and the  landscape reminded me of place in New Jersey, again with a bit more modest hills.

Since I went a bit earlier than the peak bloom, I will definitely go back to the blue bonnet trails and if I love the wine as much as I think I will, I will probably need to stock up-more on that to come.

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