Sunday, March 20, 2016

Texas Tulips: Beauty in Pilot Point Texas

I watched a story on  NBC 5 News about Texas Tulips in Pilot Point, Texas. Saturday morning I was on my way to Pilot Point. I had to see this, a field full of multicolored tulips just an hour away.

It was a perfect day for it too, cool, sunny and a little bit windy. There is a $2.50 per person entry fee, the parking is so well organized and the people running the place are very friendly and helpful. You pick your own and they pack them up for you, just in time for Easter.

When you first get there, all you see is a crowd of people in a field full of colors, I was envisioning impressionist paintings with every turn. There were young children with cut tulips trailing behind parents, lots of selfies, happy couples and many like me taking pictures of the whole scene.

What also interested me is the story and idea of how Texas Tulips got it's start. The story epitomizes the American dream of having an idea and building a business from your passion. Watching your inspiration grow much like the tulips in the middle of a field somewhere in Texas.

The story begins in Holland almost 40 years ago. The Koeman family started a horticulture farm that grew to include leeks, chrysanthemums, irises and tulips. The son Pieter joined the family as the company gradually developed a reputation of having early tulips. With the passing of their father, Piet Koeman, the company changed course and settled in Pilot Point where they found fertile soil. country charm and nice weather and an opportunity to meet the people that bought their tulips. Texas Tulips was born.

There are so many different colors and varieties, the way they are laid out across the field in rows is a work of art in itself. I enjoyed watching people just enjoying themselves being out among such a beautiful colorful backdrop. 

Besides the amazing colors and varieties, I was impressed by the names like Ice-Cream, Flaming Parrot and Monsella. I enjoyed the atmosphere, almost felt like I was in an impressionist painters' dream and I assure you there will be paintings to follow. 

I would highly recommend checking it out if you get a chance to take a ride to Pilot Point. I'm really enjoying a recent trend of finding out of the way places close to home-stay tuned for next weekend, sure what I'll discover, part of the excitement of exploring the road.

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