Sunday, February 15, 2015

And for our next trip

I am at a bad time in my road tripping life. My son would rather be home than out and about-he blames it on the money we spend but I know better. We're getting closer to the time when he will have a job and the possibilities get smaller and more narrowed. I''m not doing good with this but I am all about compromise.

Our next trip is a sized down trip from last year. A simple trip to Oklahoma-I feel like Clark Griswald having visions of grandeur while my son just wants to go camping. I want to go to the top of Oklahoma and while we're there maybe this and maybe that. Suddenly four hours is too far, I have rolling eyes and frustration the greater the scope of the trip that I envision.

What happened to the days when I would just plan everything and he would simply show up. I think I liked the lack of concern for the amount of money that was being spent compared to my new and improved frugal teen.

This brings me to the reason why we and maybe selfishly I do this. A road trip to me is the epitome of freedom, I don't feel any more free than when I am finding places I've never seen  and going places I've never been.

So assuming it were just a  selfish act of going and exploring, I took my own day yesterday to go the zoo and explore. Unfortunately I've learned a large portion of the trip was the company, the sharing of moments, the excitement and funny things that happen. The lessons no one could teach unless you experience them together and learn from them together.

I'm not trying to be sad and morose-this is a time in our lives and just what I have planned for and hoped for; an independent child; mission accomplished. I've always described the parenting role as the spring board, we are supposed to teach them to stand on their own and in doing so they become independent, successful adults.

I celebrate this time, I don't have to love it but I do celebrate it. There will be plenty of time for more road tripping and exploration but in the future maybe we'll have even deeper more profound adventures. I look forward to grand kids.....a long way out of course....teaching them and preparing them for that next incredible feeling of being free to roam. Who knows what their journeys and adventures will bring back, I can just imagine a full refrigerator door filled with magnets.
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