Sunday, October 23, 2016

Forest, the hills, far away: The journey begins

I remember science kits in steel boxes, my first introduction to Geology, Chemistry and Biology. I would read library books about animals and places around the world.  I studied science made simple books that I would read through in a week with ravenous curiosity.

I can still remember the distinct smell of paper, something I think children today miss with sterile electronic devices replacing paper.  There is something beautiful about printed words, about a designed cover and the sound of turning pages.

One particular book I remember being excited about was the Naturalist Explorer. A friend of the family got it for my brother and I and I was hooked.

We used to go to Camp Coventry with a college science class and there we were immersed in nature. We would spend hours walking along the edge of small ponds looking for frogs and snakes that jumped into the water.

On one occasion we were fortunate enough to listen to Leonard Lee Rue, a naturalist hero of mine, he spoke of his travels around the world. We watched videos on a screen in the middle of the Kittatinny Mountains and later walked in the dark up to our campsites.

My love of nature has only grown. I still search intently for movement in shallow water.  The song of birds and the silence in a forest awakens my passion and relaxes me like nothing else can. I don’t believe there is a better sound on earth than the sound of rain as it hits the top of trees.

After years of photographing and writing on the side, I have finally begun the slow plunge into writing full time, a traveler, a lover of everything nature. I hope I can bring stories to people, places that inspire and restore the soul. I look forward to this journey and hope many of my subscribers will join my path….Into the Forest and over the hills, far away.

This collection of images is from my third visit to the Heard Museum in Mckinney. It was like walking through a hidden landscape. A hidden secret kingdom so close to home-did I mention there were dinosaurs. See previous link

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