Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Back on the Water

The last time I kayaked was the first time in the Florida surf. I lost a rod, got dumped beneath a wave and remembered how awkward it can be when nature makes a fool out of you.

I haven’t been on a kayak since, not for any specific reason, we just didn’t get out this fall like we usually do. Fishing for pickerel at Lake Daingerfield has become a autumn tradition as they are active in cold water.

This weekend is the first time in quite a while we got back on the water. I forgot just how much I enjoyed it.

I brought the wrong gear, as the box was still filled with saltwater lures. I borrowed one of my sons rattle traps but after a snag on a cable, I was done fishing.

Instead I enjoyed just paddling, There is a wonderful feeling of just being there when you are only interested in observing.

The wind was cold for early April and the rain hung over us the whole time. I had my iphone for the first time on the kayak so I was able to just take pictures of the scenery.

No one caught anything, we just enjoyed being out there and sometimes that’s what fishing is all about. Being out there, I missed it more than I even thought I would.

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