Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Secondary Driver: The perks of having a teenager.

It’s odd to be a passenger, a privilege I rarely get to enjoy. Having my son as an additional driver has allowed a different experience in the road trip. It’s much like driving as you tend to go on autopilot but instead you get to get lost in the scenery. I remember that’s what I loved most about riding in the back seat of a car; I would stare at the trees and scenery and never get bored.

I remember back when I was young riding on the Garden State Parkway looking for the illusive great egret, which now would be a regular sighting but than it was a treat. There were the long green belts along the highway, which I never grew tired of.

In stark contrast were my grandmother’s apartment buildings in the city. It was grey, the buildings were grey, even the English sparrows and pigeons were drab and grey-we always got there too quickly in my opinion.

Now I get to enjoy twice the stamina having a backup driver. So I figure the road trip has taken on a new and more expanded appeal-maybe the cross country trip isn’t so far out of our reach, just as long as I don’t cramp his teenage style-we better get road tripping quickly. 

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