Saturday, August 22, 2015

Navarre Beach, Florida

The vacation was a success. I must admit this year has been busy and the idea of not having any expectations seemed to work for this vacation. We go to Florida every year for our family vacation and the last few years we have gone new places such as Cape San Blas and Indian Shores with at least one night spent in Navarre every time. It is one of my sons' favorite places.

This year we just went to Navarre. It's like coming home I guess. I got to take the kids, okay teens, to the Gulf Breeze Zoo. Even though it was unbearably hot it was just amazing, we even rode on the train, fed the birds and had lunch together. I took it as a great complement that I could spend the afternoon with four teens and they weren't anxious to go home, it was a privilege I don't take lightly.
There's no better place to be a kid again than going to the zoo.

I learned how powerful the surf is and how much more awkward it is with a kayak that doesn't seem to bend and flow with the waves. My son said he felt like he has gotten to the point that he can put the kayak anywhere he wants-I watched him navigate the same waves I just got clobbered by and he proved his point. I was quite impressed and a bit jealous of his paddling prowess. I lost a rod, a reel and a bit of my dignity in the surf.

My son got to see a dolphin, a bit closer than he probably would have liked. I got to see a full breach of the same dolphin as my son paddled quicker than I had ever seen him paddle. We got to get up close and personal, 100 foot away is close enough, to a large shark cruising the surf. Again I watched two teens practically walk across the water with their kayaks.

We got to rise and fall on five foot waves, it was an amazing and yet a bit unnerving at the same time. I felt like we were skiing as we rose up high and fell beneath each crest, it was quite a ride. I got to catch a really nice redfish and enjoyed catching the largest ladyfish I have ever seen, I saw the resemblance to the tarpon they are kin to.

We all learned that access points to the surf look the same from a distance. We also learned how much exercise it is dragging a kayak across a beach when you didn't choose the correct access point. Let's just say we all got our exercise that evening.

One of the best experiences of this vacation was just forty minutes out on the back deck. I mentioned how hot it was, even the locals were complaining about how unseasonably hot and humid it was. I watched the stragglers on the beach scrambling for shelter. I listened to the sound on the rail and over the roof, I listened to  the gulls and watched as inanimate objects flew through the air across the pool. It was one of those moments where it doesn't get much better-peace, calm and the sound of the rain, I had forgotten how much I had missed it. What a wonderful end to a relaxing vacation.

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