Saturday, August 22, 2015

Going back to Navarre: Reigniting the passion in an old vacation.

I feel like I am returning to an old friend that I’ve been badmouthing as of recent. I expect to arrive in Navarre and be turned away because I’ve been complaining about going back to the same place that just happens to be Navarre, Florida.

It’s almost taboo to be honest with my family you would have thought I was insulting a beloved family member. It’s not that don’t love Navarre, it’s just that I have been back so many times it has become old news to me. It’s hard to find a restaurant where I haven’t memorized the menu, we fish the same places and I am eager for something new.

Once the mystery is out of a place I would prefer to go somewhere else although that’s not the way it had always been, when I was young I used to ask when we would return before I was even leaving the place. I think it has to do with the road trips my son and I have taken, I am more excited about finding new places and exploring new things.

I haven’t even bought a new magnet in a long time. It’s sad how we grow jaded with habit, how the palm trees that once excited me have become just palm trees lining the road. I often wonder if Lake Ray Hubbard would look different if I haven’t lived by it for the last few years, although the fact that it has water again is something I still appreciate with the recent drought.

I am trying to see the familiar for the first time, a great gift if one can achieve it. It’s the child that grows bored with the family vacation, how quickly we take our lives for granted. What an amazing treat it will be to see Navarre for the first time again.

That’s what this vacation is about, no expectations, no preconceived notions just the intention to relax and take in a renewed view of Navarre Beach Florida. Who knows what other mysteries I will discover that I have until now overlooked due to my own complacency.

Next post-new places discovered out of the familiarity of Navarre, Florida. It was a wonderful trip for all.

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