Sunday, July 21, 2019

Caddo Grasslands: An Escape from Dallas

Not far from Dallas is a stretch of landscape called the Caddo Grasslands. I've driven through on a work related trip, a photographic trip and a trip with my nephew. I haven't found much to do, except maybe fish in the parks but it's a beautiful place to ride and get away.

My first impression, green and lots of it. Native grasses sway in the afternoon, near several small lakes and ponds where locals sit on patio chairs and visit. I definitely plan a trip in the fall as it's so close to home and there are many larger trees that would probably be a great spectacle in the middle of fall.

The parks and lake areas are alive with native birds, woodpeckers screech in nearby trees and several warblers sing from hidden perches in the thick blackberry and beauty berry bushes. The grasses are the main focus though, natural stands of native bluestem grasses hearken of the prairie once extensive across North Texas.

It was very windy on my last visit. No people, no crowds, nothing but large expanse of trees, water and grasslands. A welcome escape from the city of Dallas.

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