Sunday, November 6, 2016

A New Journey: The Ups and Downs of Solitude

I'm literally starting a new chapter, as I'm beginning to write on a daily basis. I have talked about the in-betweens of life and yet I have never been so much at the end of one and start of another, than right this moment.

My son is 18, he is eager to walk the path alone, I will be there for every step but at the same time I must remain camouflaged in the background or risk his feeling of doubt. He is testing his wings and soon he'll learn the truth about flying-a future post.

I am in the process of finding myself in a bit of free fall myself. I started last year with a two and a half hour drive to Tyler and I felt pride that I could do it alone. Going alone is not completely comfortable to me but it's beginning to feel more normal.

After that minor trip, I have made a bunch of day trips including bluebonnets of Ennis, The Heard, Hagerman National Wildlife and just recently miles of open space in the middle of Colorado. It is getting to be more and more second nature but still it's easy to procrastinate.

I am about to do something I've been talking about for years, although it was always assumed a family trip, now it will be just me. I plan on getting up to Northwest Arkansas to capture the autumn foliage at its' peak.

I have been following the forecasts on a weekly  basis and it looks like it's getting to be the perfect time to go. I plan on shooting waterfalls, water and of course the interaction of fall foliage.

I am excited about the opportunity to tell more stories about living outside the box, finding my inner child and realizing that freedom is the open road. Once you know this reality, the fact that adventure waits only for your time and money to make it possible, it's hard not to go and find that new discovery.

I look forward to bringing more food, wine, landscapes, seascapes and people to this page. I also plan on getting out on the kayak again and perhaps exploring what solitude brings to the kayaker. I hope you'll join me on this journey.

Please get on my mailing list, I would love to share these stories to a larger audience and especially an audience I have begun to know personally, even if it is just comments back and forth. I look forward to more interaction and sharing in the future...Stay tuned and lets get out there.

I am planning on sending a free ebook for the first 1000 people. It's going to be full of pictures and stuff not on the site.

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