Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Out West: In Search of Where the Road Leads

On the far west side of the refuge, after you pass the prairie dog town and several small lakes, there is a parched black bit of earth that stretches into the  horizon.

I couldn't keep on route 49 as there was a damaged part of the road so I had to stop. I found this tree, the only one left in the area and to me it looked so unlike anything I've seen around Texas and Oklahoma.

I loved the barren landscape with the road that got lost in the distance, it reminded me a bit of some areas I've seen in Colorado.

It was one of the last places that I visited and the silence and solitude of the place just made me want to go further, explore down that road just to see where it goes.

You are surrounded by bluffs in each direction, there are sparrow hawks punched on fences and meadowlarks singing among the prairie dogs. It was truly a beautiful place that was hard to leave and I know I will return as soon as I can.

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