Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Month, New Goals

January was a strange month, I had too many aspirations and not enough time. In my defense, I was probably suffering from a bit of shock after the December 26 tornado that hit a bit too close to home.

My goal is to think of a year as 365 days of action but how do you go about doing this without never giving yourself a break now and than. Instead of having a month of feeling like I had accomplished so much, I had a month of failing to launch.

So many thoughts and ideas, so many tasks and yet I felt a bit frozen. In the end, I did start journaling, something not completely habit yet but I'm working on it.

I went on a trip just as January was slipping away, I didn't spend too much money, got to do a little bit of gambling at the Apache Casino which is something I haven't done in a while and got to explore a place that I've been planning to see for years.

I have posted previously about Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge and it is not only the beauty and wildlife so close to home but the fact that I did it alone. I can't remember another time that I had so much clarity and felt so recharged after a trip.

I am planning on doing one of these a month and add that to the paddling which I will definitely get more active in with the coming spring, I will be busy in the upcoming months.

This weekend I am planning on visiting the Blackland Raptor Center in Lucas, near Lake Lavon. I'm looking forward to photographing the landscape and the birds, meeting some new people and learning about raptors.

In September I'm planning a trip to Rockport for the hummingbird festival, another idea I have been planning for a long time. The trick is ordering the plane tickets, putting it on the calendar, I am going to make this year successful in expanding my writing, photographing and painting base-I am excited about making 2016, a year of action, I hope you'll join me on the journey collecting experiences, food and places. Maybe I'll have my own travel show some day-it could happen!!!

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