Monday, March 26, 2018

Seeking Spring 1: First Color

Out of the gray winter landscape, spring brings us fragrant fields of yellows, golds and blues. It's been a comparatively mild winter and yet I find myself eager for the fleeting sounds and colors of spring.

I drove out to East Texas today. I've learned that it's best to have at very least a target to go see. I have found myself too often wandering aimlessly with too many nondescript destinations in mind. Today I decided on Palestine but I never made it there.

This wasn't one of those planned days. I found several fields of yellow flowers and a few white but nothing too dramatic. It's probably a week or so early and I plan on getting out on a longer trip in mid April.

I drove out 205, not much to see, a few redbuds here and there but nothing too dramatic. I looked to Daingerfield, a favorite lake of mine but it was farther than I planned on going. I decided on Canton and all places nearby.

I found a great field that seemed like I was in the middle of a pristine prairie. The more I started shooting the more subjects I found. As I headed toward my final destination: East Texas Botanical Gardens, I discovered another out of the way place.

So many trips I've taken with the family and the idea is always get ther fast. I've driven past so many gator farms and small zoos, finally I discovered the East Texas zoo and Gator, I changed my destination.

Just before I got to my new destination I discovered some wonderful fields of yellows and a great stream to shoot. I plan on getting out in mid-April so stay tuned.

Next post the East Texas Zoo and Gator Farm. It was really worth the trip and made a day of aimless driving worthwhile. For now enjoy the first of spring.

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