Friday, January 5, 2018

One Amazing Sunset and What's on the Horizon?

This evening I got to watch the sun set and enjoyed so many aspects of its glory. The colors grew from yellows and oranges to salmon and pink and finally a rich red and deep blue.

This wouldn't normally be in the Road Trip section but I thought I would preview what is coming up. I"m planning on getting out road tripping and shooting more nature in silhouette.

Another aspect of nature I've been experimenting with is isolating the bright colors of nature against a dark backdrop. I am excited about the new year, so many opportunities to shoot and explore nature.

I'm running out of new parks close by so I will probably be running up to places in Oklahoma very soon and I plan on kayaking on Daingerfield for Chain Pickerel.

My next trip will probably be up to Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge, I am looking for places to find waterfalls. I am also planning on getting out to Arkansas for the fall foliage this year. Please stay tuned.

Tomorrow I'm planning on getting out to the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center, I will have more photos of owls and hawks so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, I've been doing a 365 day photo challenge so here is a group of sunset images from day 28. I can't wait to see what new places I discover, so many possibilities, so little time.


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