Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Remembering Uncertain Texas

Fireworks at Caddo Lake ArtbyGordon oil on canvas

Uncertain Texas: a wonderful vacation spot. My youngest son was two, my oldest thirteen, it was a happy time for our family. We would go to Beyond the Bayou and we became good friends with the owners.

We enjoyed horseback riding through the woods at sunset, my youngest loved to ride in the lap of the owner, his eyes wide as he was dwarfed by the huge saddle clenched tightly in his tiny hands.

I remember the zip line, a high ladder and a curious two year-old, let’s just say it was frightening. I remember his first catfish and the smell of the dough balls and canned corn.

The dark black water was a bit intimidating for a new dad and the catfish were like mysterious creatures magically coming out of the blackness. I think it might be where he first got his love for fishing

I remember the humid evenings, where I had my first old fashioned and got to taste black eyed peas one new years eve. I remember being followed by a flock of geese and assorted ducks, picking cypress seedlings to transplant at home, the dark brown tannins of the pond and the cold refreshing thermocline at the bottom.

One year we had the privilege to watch the locals set off fireworks. I think it was the longest display I have ever seen. It was in the winter and there were plenty of thermoses filled with hot chocolate and we bundled up in blankets to watch the display.

It was a wonderful place and a special time. My family will always remember it fondly.

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