Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A visit to Gulf Breeze Zoo

How fun can it be to take four young adults to the zoo? I would say more fun than a zoo full of…
well you know and yes we did see lots of monkeys. It was hot, unseasonably hot and I had several moments of feeling a bit faint.

The most amazing thing is to see kids who are usually uninterested in spending time with you suddenly acting like….well kids. You can only be so aggravated, even with the heat when a large hog is eyeing the food you have in a bucket.

We saw the whole zoo, I kept waiting for someone wanting to leave but we all stayed, even long enough to ride the train, not much of a safari ride but still we were riding on a long train, we saw lions, tigers and bears….oh my.

It was a wonderful experience to enjoy those moments where older teens find their child inside. There is excitement, there is silliness and more than anything there is fun. I think the greatest draw from all of us was the budgie cage.

We got to feed all the birds, the found our shoes tasty. They swarmed us and I heard a sound that is also not often associated with the teen who seems eager to rebel against just about anything, they laughed, we laughed, we all laughed a lot and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon. Oh and I got a magnet to add to my collection.

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